Updated: September 08, 2016
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Izakaya Paradise; Yurakucho And Shinbashi

There are many restaurants and izakaya bars under the girders (Gardo shita) of railway tracks in Yurakucho area. So many office workers stop by and have some drinks after work at those places.

You may find drunk guys

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If you stroll around, you may find drunken men and women in the night at the gardo shita.

It's not stylish but so attractive

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Most of izayaka bars serve reasonable food and drinks, yet most of the bars are not much stylish looking. However, the places become lively and happily in the night

Shinbashi is called the city of businessman

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Like Yurakucho area, Shinbashi is known as a place for good food and drinks. There, you can find so many office workers in the night as well.

So many Izakaya

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Also the area is considered as an izakaya battleground. You may wonder which one you should go. Perhaps,

Search your favorite on your phone

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Perhaps, you’d better use some apps or get some information from gourmet review sites so that you can find the best spot for a superb nightlife!
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