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Soul Food Of Fukuoka Tonkotsu Ramen

Delicious ramen bowls have won Japanese cuisine worldwide reputation. Ramen is a good combination of Chinese-style wheat noodles and soup base.

The traditional ramen broth

The traditional ramen broth is made by boiling pork bone (tonkotsu), chicken or seafood in a long time and then added with soy sauce, miso or salt to make different tastes.
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These days, it's impossible to know exactly how many types of ramen broth there are because ramen masters continuously create new types of broth to meet customers' demands.

Tonkotsu ramen

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The most traditional ramen bowl is tonkotsu ramen with various toppings of a sliced roast pork, menma (fermented bamboo shoots), poached eggs, cabbage, etc. It takes long time and a lot of efforts to cook a standard pot of ramen broth, so Japanese people tend to eat ramen in ramen shops. Long queues of customers waiting in front of ramen shops are very typical images in Japanese daily life. As long as ramen is tasty, no matter how long it will take, customers are willing to wait.

Recommended Tonkotsu Ramen In Tokyo

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[Tanaka Shoten]
Soup of royal road stewed from pig head to toe for 3 days.
Noodles are ultrafine noodles which are sent directly from Fukuoka, and "Chashu(pork clices)" is barbecued with special-purpose kilns. The balance of taste is good, and there is a richness, there is a sharp.

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Tsukuba Express Line "Rokucho Station"
Rinkai Line "Tokyo Teleport Station"
Menu jun http://www.tatsunoya.net/
[Ramen Tatsunoya]
Extremely fine straight noodles holded in soup are shipped from our own factory every day. A rich soup with 100% pork bone, powerful richness and mild flavor merge. Special Chashu(pork slices) of pork stewed in soy sauce based sauce.

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JR Line · Marunouchi Line · Oedo Line · Fukutoshin Line · "Shinjuku Station"
Mkyujan kyushujangara.co.jp
[Kyushu Jangara]

Kyushu Jyangara has another face saying that it manages a cram school for children.
The management of the cram school has a voluntary aspect, and it was ramen shop san to get a way to earn a living out of cram school's management.
Commitment to taste is also considerable, and now it has grown to be a ramen shop loved by many people.
The other day, it was a topic that Hollywood stars came to Akasaka shop.
Keanu Reeves is known as a ramen lover.

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JR Line "Akihabara Station"
Chiyoda Line "Akasaka Station"
JR Line "Harajuku Station"
Ginza Line · Marunouchi Line · Hibiya Line "Ginza Station"

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