Updated: September 08, 2016
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3 Reasons Why Japanese Hasitate To Talk On The Phone In Public Transportation

Sometimes what will you do if you receive some calls on the public transportation? Will you answer it or not? In Japan, there is a rule not to talk on the phone when you are on any public transportation. Why? Here are the reasons!

1. Disturbance

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First of all, you can disturb the other passengers if you talk on the phone on any public transportation. The other passengers will think that you are rude if you do this kind of action on any public transportation.

2. Privacy

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Japanese people privacy is so high, that they don't want the others knowing their personal activities and etc. So they choose not to talk on the phone on any public transportation.

3. Train Manners

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The other one is because of it is the manner! It is the etiquette not to talk on the phone in the train. If you get some calls in the train, just say to them that you are in the train now, so please call back later.
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