Updated: November 29, 2016
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Japanese Beauty Trick On Becoming Kawaii!

It's almost unbelievable that there are so many cute girls in Japan! What is their secret? Find out more here!

We all love the dolly looks of Japanese young girls, but have you ever wondered if every Japanese girls was just born that cute or what?

Of course not. It is given that being Asian, Japanese tends to have small eyes, just like any other Asians.

But how did they manage to be cute like that?

The Secret lies on these beauty tricks!

1. Perfect, Flawless Skin

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First thing you will notice in Japanese cute girls' looks are their perfect white flawless skin. Looks as smooth as a baby!

Do you think it is possible to have such skin after puberty?

Well, the few lucky ones managed to maintain the smoothness of their baby skin.

But even for Japanese, being average girl means you will have skin problems due to hormone imbalance (especially during that time of the month, if you get me), lifestyle, etc.

Here is when the bb cream/cc cream/foundation comes into play!

Depends on what kind of skin you initially have, you may have a hard time covering all the imperfections. Don't worry though, here are some tips!

2. Big, Dolly Eyes

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How do you achieve big and dolly eyes?

By using circle contact lenses!

Circle contact lenses are the contact lenses that designed with rings at the outer part of the lens so that when you put them on, your iris will look really big and dolly.

Combine it with proper use of eyeliner and eyelid sticker (if you are a monolid) to get better result!

Here is the comparison and how to:

3. False Lashes

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False lashes are a big thing in Japan, because they enhance the overall dolly look of someone appearance, especially with the big, round eyes make up I've told you before.

Positioning lashes correctly can also change the overall shape of your eyes, so please try and experiment by yourself!

Summary and Application

After knowing all those trick, aren't you guys curious of how will it really transform one's look when applied correctly?

Here I present to you the magic of one of the most popular Japanese makeup, the Gyaru style!
Now, try it yourself and spread the word to your girlfriends!
An International student having the adventure of her life in Tokyo, Japan.

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