Updated: March 08, 2017
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5 Facts You Won't Believe That They Are Real In Japan

It's true though... Test your knowledge about Japan here!

1. Convenience Store Foods are Yummy

You can find ready to eat food (which doesn't look or taste that different from a restaurants' take out)...
As well as frozen food that you can pop into a microwave before eat.

Same taste, not much effort needed!

2. The (Almost) Always On Time Trains

Unless there are some kind of accident or maintenance, Japanese trains are always on time. Even when there are only 2-3 minutes apart each departure!

Of course those on time trains can run because there are people working on it wholeheartedly behind the curtains.

You can see what they do and how they work at this video:

3. You Can Reserve a Seat by Leaving Belongings Behind

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Japan is so safe that people usually don't mind leaving their belongings in public unattended. One reason why they won't take your stuff is because when they doesn't need your stuffs, disposing them would be pain in the ass because of how the waste separation systems are in Japan.

That's how usually things are though.

Nowadays, Japan might be not so safe anymore so there are some unlucky ones who got their belonging stolen, therefore I'm not encouraging anyone to do this, but you can try if you are curious about it!

4. People Queue for Trains

Yes, Japanese people queue for trains neatly even in rush hours, but when the door opened they are willing to push each other just to get inside the train!

Crazy, right?

5. 99.99% of Japanese Paper Bills Are in Perfect Condition

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Japanese always try to keep their things as clean as possible, including money.

Not only the new printed money you got from changing your currency to Yen, even when buying snacks at stalls or eating out at restaurant, the money used for changes are almost in perfect condition.
How many have you experienced until now?
Which one intrigues you the most?

Come to Japan and experience it yourself!

An International student having the adventure of her life in Tokyo, Japan.

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