Updated: February 12, 2016
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Japanese Exclusive Treat: Strawberry Matcha Chocolate

Combining the sweet and juicy strawberry and the original green tea from the best maker in Japan, introducing to you an alternative gift of your typical chocolate perfect for Valentine Day!

Despite being a highly popular food and loved by almost everyone from every age group, we have to admit that chocolate is not for everyone. Chocolate can be too childish for some people.

For those people, the Japanese chocolatier 'Itohkyuemon' present to you their new creation of carefully selected materials and combinations that has been developed for 2 years this new creation, the strawberry green tea truffle 'Ochame'!

Introducing Ochame

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Crafted by the master in the Chocolate industry, made from the freshly freeze dried strawberries coated with Japan-produced top quality matcha produced from Uji, Kyoto and then coated with white chocolate which has a mild sweet taste in them.

Every pieces ensures you of getting the best possible quality of this Japanese styled truffle.

A Little Glimpse of Green Tea from Uji, Kyoto

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Photo: vera46

Tea first arrived in Japan in the possession of the famous Japanese priest Eisai, who returned from a long stay in Sung dynasty China in 1191. His precious seeds were planted in Uji and flourished there in the warm, moist climate.

The Uji Tea plantation last until now and it continued to produce the best matcha quality in Japan.

Now you know that these chocolate is using the matcha powder grounded from the best green tea leaves in Japan!

Product Information and Purchasing

This new unique creation will bring to you the three in one sensation of eating strawberry, drinking Japanese green tea Matcha, and eating chocolate in one bite!
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'Ochame' are being sold from February 1st for the upcoming Valentine's Day for 1,296 Yen(include tax) per 70g of truffles.
You can get these sweets at their Kyoto shops (click the button for direction in Google Maps):
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