Updated: February 27, 2016
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Healthy Japanese Habits You May Want To Try

Why can Japanese people enjoy the longest life span average in the world?

Healthy Japanese Habits

Maybe all of you keep wondering why Japanese people have the longest average of life span. The first reason of that is because of the healthy lifestyle! Feeling curious about it? Let’s know more!


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Green tea is really good for your health, and Japanese people really love to drink it. Furthermore, they drink it everyday. They also have some rituals for tea ceremony too. It is known that antioxidant inside green tea is really good for our skin.


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Eating fish is really good for our health too. The Omega-3 inside fish is very important for our brain and heart health.


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At last, don’t forget to keep exercising! It can maintain your body health and prevent you from getting sick.
Japanese food!!!!

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