Updated: June 05, 2017
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How To Cook "Somen Noodle" Japanese People Often Eat In Summer

You know how to eat somen. Yes, slurp it. So do you know how to cook it? Here is the simple way to serve somen noodles in Japan.

1. First of all, you should buy somen noodles from any supermarket in Japan.

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2. When you buy the somen noodles, please not forget to buy “Tsuyu” (つゆ) too.

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3. Next, all you need is boiled water.

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4. Boil water in the pot, and add somen noodles into it.

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5. After it is cooked, wash the noodles in running water, and put them in a bowl of cold water.

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6. At last, all you need is to mix “Tsuyu” with warm water as the sauce to eat with those somen noodles.

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7. For the garnish, you can add some ginger too.

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Japanese people usually serve these somen noodles cold, and they love to eat it during summertime.
Japanese food!!!!

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