Updated: November 19, 2017
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Izakaya Can Easily Enjoy Japanese Cuisine And Sake

Izakaya is the Japanese style bar where people can enjoy alcohol together.


Do you know about the word "Izakaya" in Japan? It means Japanese style bar, the place for you to drink some alcohol or beers, and etc.
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Japanese people usually reserve this place for their party, or shinnenkai and bounenkai. Shinnenkai is a New Year eve party and bounenkai means forgetting the old year party in Japanese.
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Not only that, but if you know about Goukon, Japanese people also love to held their Goukon at Izakaya too. No wonder that some people also get drunk there. At last, I recommend you to visit this Japanese style of bar if you get a chance to visit Japan. Get your memorable time there!
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There are many places in the pub. The price also varies. When traveling destinations are decided and you want to know a recommended tavern, please give me a message in the Wasabi community.
Japanese food!!!!

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