Updated: August 09, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Shizuoka, Japan

When Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay—Japan’s highest mountain and deepest bay—are both located in Shizuoka Prefecture, you can be assured of an extraordinary adventure.So let your adventure unfold with these 5 must-do things!

1. Relax at Ocha no Sato (The Tea Museum)

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Do you know that Shizuoka produces almost 70% of the green tea consumed in Japan? What better place is there to experience the Japanese tea ceremony than Ocha no Sato? What’s more, you can even enhance your cultural versatility after visiting its exhibit of tea rooms from around the world!

2. Visit a wasabi (Japanese horseradish) farm

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A fan of wasabi that pairs so well with sashimi and even wagyu beef? Shizuoka produces 80% of all wasabi in Japan, so why not visit a wasabi farm where you can pick up interesting trivia like this: wasabi fields are covered with black mesh nets to protect the plants from intense sunlight.

3. Savor exceptional homegrown produce

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Shizuoka people simply don’t do things by halves. So delight your taste buds with musk melons and Amela tomatoes. Musk melon farmers only grow one melon on one vine so that all nutrients are absorbed by this melon while Amela tomatoes are grown in imported soil from Sri Lanka. It’s no wonder that these produce taste so succulently sweet!

4. Buy skipjack (bonito) flakes

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Love those katsuobushi (bonito flakes) that enhance the flavor of Japanese rice so well? Well, you mayn’t eat rice so much when you return home but do buy packets of sweet bonito flakes with peanuts. Relive the umami taste of Japan when you feast on these crunchy treats!

5. Gaze in awe at Mount Fuji

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Majestic Mount Fuji needs no introduction. Hurry down to Nihondaira Plateau and Miho Beach for the best unobstructed views of Mount Fuji in Shizuoka. The former offers a great view of rolling green tea hills while the latter has a pebbly shoreline that is Instagram-worthy!
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