Updated: April 30, 2017
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How To Play Japanese Traditional Game, Fukuwarai?

Japanese people have some games that they usually play it at “Shinnenkai” or known as “New Year’s Party” in Japan. Its game is “Fukuwarai”. Let’s know more about this game then!

What "Fukuwarai" means?

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The word “Fuku” means luck in Japanese,
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and the word “Warai” means laugh in Japanese. So, it literally means lucky laugh in Japanese.

1. At first you can print face images from the Internet, and the other facial features and cut them.

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2. Next, you need a piece of cloth, or handkerchief.

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3. Blindfolding the other player with that cloth, and he/ she must arrange those facial features pieces on the face’s paper.

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5. Once they finish it, remove the blindfold and let them see how ridiculous the face that they have made.

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Playing Fukuwarai with someone is super fun!

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It usually makes a funny face...!
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