Updated: April 30, 2017
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What Is Kuro Tamago??

Do you know about black eggs in Japan? Some of Japanese people called it as “Kuro Tamago”. It is a specialty of Owakudani, Kanagawa prefecture.

Kuro Tamago

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The word “Kuro” means black, and the word “Tamago” means egg in Japanese. Well, they are made at Owakudani, or also known as “The Great Boiling Valley” due to some active sulfur vents and hot springs in that area.
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There is a legend that lifespan grows when you eat Kuro Tamago.

So, why the eggs turn into black color then?

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It is because of the sulfur activities in the valley. Once the eggs are boiled in it, those sulfur and iron elements react with calcium from the eggshells, and turn into black color.

How about the taste then?

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Nothing’s different with the normal boiled eggs. Rather, it seems delicious as it increases the taste component than the egg boiled with ordinary hot water.
Popular with tourists, many people buy for souvenirs.
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