Updated: January 08, 2016
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Kashu Kiyomitsu 1/8th Scale Figure Is Coming

A 1/8th scale figure of "Kashu Kiyomitsu" is coming from the popular browser game "Touken Ranbu"!! Check out all these pictures!

Kashu Kiyomitsu

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A 1/8th scale figure of "Kashu Kiyomitsu" is coming from the popular browser game "Touken Ranbu"!!
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This figure is amazing!

Point #1 Such delicate features!

Kiyomi 01 http://orangerouge.com/en/kashu_kiyomitsu/

Kashu's glamorous dark hair has been sculpted to show the fine details of each strand as they each curl inward toward his handsome face. His red eyes, mysterious smile and characteristic mole have all been added to his expression with great care, recreating the original illustration as intricately and accurately as possible.


Point #2 Go on, make me pretty!

Kiyomi 02 http://orangerouge.com/en/kashu_kiyomitsu/

Kashu's delicate hands have been sculpted ensuring they keep to a masculine structure while also keeping his slim appearance in tact. Each of the finger nails have been painted a bright red , and the gauntlet on his arms makes use of a lacquer paint for a lovely vivid color!


Point #3 I think... I'm a little cuter now.

Kiyomi 03 http://orangerouge.com/en/kashu_kiyomitsu/

His stylish black coat has amazing detail - the intricate pattern on the collar as well as a metallic sword emblem have all been preserved giving Kashu his unique style. The belt makes careful distinction between fabric and metallic parts through both sculpt and paintwork showing just how stylish Kashu dresses.


Point #4 Right, time to head out!

Kiyomi 04 http://orangerouge.com/en/kashu_kiyomitsu/

Kashu himself is impressive, but the sword he holds in his left hand is not to be missed! The glossy paintwork on the scabbard, the pattern on the guard and even the cord attached to the sword are all faithfully kept on the figure. Take a look at the figure below in 360 degrees and enjoy any angle!

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