Updated: April 08, 2016
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Don't Blow Your Nose With A Handkerchief In Japan

If I tell you that most Japanese people always have a handkerchief with them, do you think they all have runny nose? Of course not! Check this article and find out why they carry it everyday!

a ​square ​piece of ​cloth or ​paper used for ​cleaning the ​nose or ​drying the ​eyes when they are ​wet with ​tears


When do you use your handkerchief?

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According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, a handkerchief is 'a ​square ​piece of ​ cloth or ​paper used for ​cleaning the ​ nose or ​drying the ​eyes when they are ​wet with ​tears'.

Therefore, it should often be used when blowing your nose.
But here's a question, when did you last use your handkerchief? Do you even have a habit of carrying one?
Maybe you don't remember when nor have ever even had one with you because of pocket tissues or electronic hand dryers.

Did you know that most Japanese people have a habit of having clean handkerchiefs everyday?

Handkerchief in Japan

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In Japan, handkerchiefs are not used for the purpose of blowing your nose!
It's used when people wipe their wet hands after washing or sweat on their forehead in summer.

It is said that the habit of carrying a handkerchief spread after Meiji era, when western clothes came into Japan.
The reason why the custom of handkerchiefs rooted in Japan still is a mystery; some says the culture of tenugui (traditional Japanese hand towel) matched with the handkerchief culture.

Also, the spread of the culture is interesting because electronic hand dryers were invented in Japan, but it's used more in other countries.


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How about giving carrying a handkerchief with you a try?

Handkerchiefs for drying wet hands is environmently-friendly.
It may not be easy to carry a clean handkerchief everyday, but you won't waste any paper towels!

People might think you're more attentive than before!
6th year uni student! Trying to figure out a way to survive in Japanese society.

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