Updated: April 13, 2016
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4 Tips About How To Pick Up Girls In Japan

Compared to Western culture, Japanese style of communication is very different. That means you should be careful when you pick up Japanese girls. Here are some tips you should know to make it.

#1 Japanese are shy

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For your information, Japanese people are shy in general, especially when they talk to people from other countries because they are not used to it. 98% of the population is Japanese in Japan.
Don't upset if Japanese people are too quiet or not so friendly at first.

Also, Japanese men don't really hit on girls because they are shy too. In Japan, people consider the guys who pick girls up as players, and most girls don't like such dudes.
So, the point is you have to pick up Japanese girls as if you are not like a player.

#2 Pretend you're not flirty(or don't be)

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When you try to pick up a Japanese girl, don't show that you are really interested in her. You should be just like a foreign tourist who like to communicate with people or something like that.
This is because, as I said, Japanese girls don't like flirty guys although some girls like to be picked up.

#3 Recommended places

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Bars are definitely good places to hit on girls just like other countries. There are international bars in most big cities. In such places, you can find Japanese girls who are interested in foreign people to date.

Near stations are also nice, but not huge stations like Shibuya or Shinjuku in Tokyo. If you want to try at stations, a little big stations are the best like Ginza or Ochanomizu. It's because at such big stations, people are busy and don't really care about others.

#4 You should know some Japanese words

You don't have to be able to speak Japanese so well, but you should know some words to have minimum conversations and make girls relaxed.

Level 1: Sumimasen/Excuse me: to start a conversation.

Level 2: Kawaiine/You're cute: to flatter

Level 3: ~gatabetaidesu/I want to eat ~: to ask for some place to eat together.

Level 4: Yabai/Holly crap: to make people laugh
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Here are more words you should remember to make your pick up better.

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