Updated: February 09, 2016
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Top 3 Most Popular Sports In Japan

Which sports do you think is popular in Japan? Soccer, or maybe Sumo wrestling? Read this article and check which sport interests Japanese!

Popular sports in Japan

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Every country have several professional sport leagues; some are popular and some are not. What about in Japan? Which sports are popular?

Let's check the latest survey done by Macromill, a market research company, and Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting, in 2015.

The numbers shown next to sport names are the percentage of who like it the best, and the difference between previous year.(n=2000, single answer)

2015 年スポーツマーケティング基礎調査,

#1 Baseball 16.8% (+1.2%)

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Baseball has been the most popular sport in Japan for years because it has the longest history of professional league in Japan.

Mainly, people in higher age support the baseball popularity. It is because they were brought up watching baseball, when Japan economy was constantly rising.

Yet, it is catching less attention than before, especially among young Japanese.

#2 Soccer 8.5% (-2.7%)

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Soccer, the world's most popular sport, was the second in Japan. After winning out the group stage for the second time in World Cup 2010, its popularity boomed.

However, soccer is also becoming less popular due to disappointing results of the national team.

#3 Tennis 5.3% (+0.4%)

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Tennis came up into the top 3 popular sports of Japan due to a single player, Kei Nishikori.

At least 6-7 years ago, most Japanese people weren't paying attention to tennis. However, after defeating Novak Djokovic ,who was ranked 1st, people started to get interested in tennis.

Currently, he is in top 10 tennis player in the world (Best rank: 4th).
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