Updated: June 03, 2017
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KAITEN-ZUSHI Is The Theme Park Of Sushi! It Is Cheap And Tasty!

Who doesn't love sushi? It is one of the most delicious things from Japan, Sushi.

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For all of you who love to eat sushi, I recommend you to visit some Kaiten Zushi in Japan.
Kaiten Zushi is everywhere in Japan. There are differences in the menu depending on the store, so it is fun to compare and eat.
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Well, do you know what is Kaiten Zushi then? He word "Kaiten" means rotation in Japanese. So, it literally means sushi at rotation table. First of all, it is cheaper than the other sushi restaurant and their sushi are also good in taste. So, that is why I recommend you to visit one of Kaiten Zushi restaurants in Japan. Recently, the number of Kaiten Zushi which can eat ramen and dessert is increasing!
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I love Ramen and other things about Japan. Please read my articles!

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