Updated: February 06, 2017
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4 Amazing Natural World Heritages In Japan

Today, we introduce 4 amazing places in Japan that are listed as Natural World Heritage. Check out the wonderful places!

#1 Shirakami Sanchi / 白神山地

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Shirakami Sanchi is a big mountain between Aomori and Akita in the northern Tohoku Region of Japan. Shirakami Sanchi was listed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1993.
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You can hike trails in Shirakami Sanchi and see so beautiful lakes and waterfall.

#2 Yakushima / 屋久島

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Yakushima is a round island off the southern coast of Kyushu, Japan. Yakushima was listed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1993.
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In Yakushima, You can see old trees called "Yakusugi", which are over 1,000 years in age. It's really spiritual place.

#3 Shiretoko / 知床列島

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Shiretoko is located in the north east of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. Shiretoko was listed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 2005.
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There are a lot of wild animal including brown bears, deer and foxes.

#4 Ogasawara Islands / 小笠原諸島

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Ogasawara Islands has more than 30 islands on Pacific Ocean. Ogasawara Islands were listed as a Natural World Heritage Site in June 2011.
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You can enjoy beautiful nature and see wild whale! That's so exciting!
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