Updated: September 08, 2016
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5 Delicious Ways To Eat Crabs In Japan

Crabs are called “kani” in Japanese. The best crabs are caught mainly in Hokkaido and Hokuriku area in Japan. There are various types of crabs. In Japan, red king crab, queen crab, and hair crab are commonly enjoyed. Here’s 5 delicious ways to enjoy those crabs in Japanese ways.

1. Raw

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The best way to enjoy crabs is eat as raw or sashimi style.

2. Sushi

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Japanese style crab sushi doesn’t use imitation crabs, but real raw crabs. The taste is mild, sweet, and great with soy sauce and wasabi.

3. Bowls

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Crab bowls are just amazingly delicious. Crab meat is flaked on top of rice, which is gorgeously tasty and exquisite.

4. Miso soup

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Since crabs can be a good source of dashi or seasoning, it goes absolutely perfect with miso soup. The miso soup is called “kani jiru.”

5. Wappa meshi

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Wappa meshi is a rice bowl that is contained with a special wooden sheet. Usually it contains seasonal seafood and steamed. Crabs are added as ingredients. The mixed aroma of wood and sweet smell of crabs may make you feel hungry!
Japanese food!!!!

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