Updated: September 08, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Tochigi, Japan

Tochigi prefecture is one of the popular tour destinations, which is easily accessible from Tokyo. It takes about 90 minutes by Shinkansen. Here are 5 things to do in Tochigi.

1. Visit Nikko Toshogu Shrine 日光東照宮

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When it comes to Tochigi, Nikko Toshogu Shrine is one of the sightseeing spots you must go once. The shrine is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate. The shrine is gorgeously decorated with “3 Wise Monkeys” and “Nemuri Neko.”

2. Enjoy the spectacle view of Kegon Waterfall 華厳の滝

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The Kegon Waterfall is located at Lake Chuzenji in Nikko National Park. The main falls have a height of about 97 meters. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and spectacle to see

3. Visit Lake Chuzenji 中禅寺湖

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Lake Chuzenji is a scenic lake which is famously known as summer resort and autumn leaves. You can enjoy the seasonal changes of the landscape by the lake.

4. Enjoy Kinugawa Onsen Spa 鬼怒川温泉

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Kinugawa onsen town is a popular hot spa resort along with the Kinugawa River. The town is well developed with theme parks like Tobu World Square, Edo Wonderland and other facilities.

5. Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

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Tochigi is famously known for producing delicious strawberries. In various farms in Tochigi, you may enjoy having strawberries as many as you want!
Japanese food!!!!

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