Updated: August 24, 2016
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5 Kawaii Standards That Japanese Girls Have

A standard of beauty is often different in each culture. Japanese women also have their own aesthetics. But it may make people from other countries confused like "Are they cute?"

1. Yaeba (Double Tooth)

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People in most of countries prefer the straight teeth to double teeth. They are associated with a vampire especially in Western culture. But it's different in Japan. A double tooth called Yaeba (八重歯) is kind of the symbol of cuteness. Because Japanese like imperfection and immatureness.

2. Making Duck Lips

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It's not only in Japan, but girls who make duck lips (アヒル口 Ahiru-guchi) think it makes them cuter. Hmmm, what do you think?

3. Double Eyelid

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What comes up in your mind when you hear "Asian beauty"? They have the almond eyes, don't you think? But most of Japanese girls like the big eyes and double eyelid.
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So if they don't have double eyelid by nature, sometimes they make double eyelid by cosmetics.

4. Being Skinny

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Although they are not fat, at least more than half of women think they want to lose weight. Please just tell them that you are enough beautiful just as you are.

5. Whitening (Bihaku)

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Japanese women try not to get tanned. White skin always represent the beauty. So there are so many cosmetics for whitening in Japan. It's not only Japan but also some other Asian countries though.

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