Updated: July 28, 2017
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5 Things To Do In Fukui

Being able to be easy accessed from Tokyo by Hokuriku Shinkansen, Fukui is becoming one of the most popular tour destinations. Here are 5 things to do in Fukui.

1. Eat fresh crabs

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When it comes to local food in Fukui, it’s all about Echizen crabs! It is definitely a must-eat seafood when you visit Fukui.

2. Enjoy ocean view

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Tojinbo Cliffs 東尋坊 is a must-see spot in Fukui. The view is stunningly spectacular, yet the place is famously known for a suicide place.
But recently the number of tourists has increased due to the rare monster of Pokemon GO and the number of suicide has decreased.

3. Enjoy waterfalls

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Ichijodaki waterfall 一乗滝, Ryusogataki waterfall 龍双ヶ滝, and Uriwari no Taki waterfall 瓜割の滝 are popular places to enjoy the scenery of waterfalls with serenity of nature surrounded, which is quite relaxing.

4. Enjoy Echizen Washi master works

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You may also enjoy the master works of Echizen Washi 越前和紙, which is a traditional Japanese paper. Of course you can buy souvenirs made from those beautiful papyrus papers.

5. Visit Yokokan Garden 養浩館庭園

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The garden built in 1699 is a must-see spot in Fukui City. Strolling around the beautiful garden with a traditional house with a pond is quite tranquil.
Japanese food!!!!

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