Updated: September 08, 2016
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5 Yummy Ways To Serve Sweet Potatoes In Japan

Japanese sweet potatoes are called “Satsumaimo”, which is incredibly tasty, nutritious, and economical. Here are 5 amazingly delicious ways to enjoy sweet potatoes in a Japanese way.

1. Honey glazed sweet potatoes (Daigakuimo)

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What is Daigakuimo? The name is derived from university students, who made the snacks super popular. The potatoes are fried and then caramelised with honey, soy sauce, and some sesame.

2. Sweet potato rice

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Just like other flavoured cooked rice such as Kamameshi, Wappameshi, etc, Sweet Potato Rice is simply cooked after adding sweet potatoes and some salt

3. Roasted Japanese sweet potatoes (Yakiimo)

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It’s simple style to enjoy sweet potatoes. Just bake it in the oven or bon fire! It’s the simplest and the most delicious way to enjoy the taste.

4. Sweet potato jellies (Imo Yokan).

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Imo Yokan is a jellied sweet potato cake and is one of the traditional Japanese sweets.

5. Purple sweet potato ice-cream

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Mostly in Okinawa, purple sweet potatoes are popular. The taste is much richer and thicker than the regular ones. The ice-cream is just awesomely tasty, sweet, and yummy!
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