Updated: November 08, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Wakayama, Japan

Wakayama is located at the southern part of Kansai area where the climate is somewhat warm, which is enjoyable to visit the ocean side. Also, Wakayama prefecture is blessed with the blue ocean and an interesting tradition. Here're 5 things to do in Wakayama.

1. Enjoy History

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You can enjoy Japanese historical sites such as Wakayama Castle, Kimii Dera Temple, and Momijidani Teien garden where have traditional Japanese vibes. Visitors can enjoy the scenery in the relaxing atmosphere.

2. Enjoy Local Food

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Wakayama food is famous known as fresh seafood and Japanese plums. You can enjoy such a special local cuisine when you visit.

3. Visit Shirahama City

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Shirahama city has a beautiful beach and lots of onsen hot springs. Also, it's famous for the sunset scene of Engetsutou 円月島 of this picture. People in Kansai area visit here in summer.

4. Meet the cute animals at The Adventure World

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You can see these cute animals at The Adventure World in Shirahama. Also, it offers play zone such as Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, Merry-Go-Round etc.

5. Swim and Surf in Summer

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Since it gets hot in summer, swimming is the best activity when you visit Wakayama. Some may enjoy surfing as well.
Japanese food!!!!

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