Updated: June 16, 2016
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5 Types Of Popular Salad In Japan

Japanese people eat vegetable a lot as you imagine although vegetable lovers are simply crazy about them in every country. Here are the Japanese styles of salad.

1. Ohitashi おひたし

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Hitashimono is a dish of green-leaf vegetables boiled in dashi and served with soy sauce. It's a favorite salad of Japanese families because of its nutrition and easy cooking-style.

2. Namasu なます

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The second type is namasu, a type of salad made from toothpick-shaped daikon, carrot and gobo. It's served with the dressing of vinegar, soy sauce and mirin.

3. Japanese Style Potato Salad ポテトサラダ

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The next is Japanese-style potato salad with main ingredients of potato, carrot, cucumber and onion. The dressing is mayonnaise mixed with a little bit of mirin. It can be sometimes added with cheese, egg or mustard. It's a salad dish earning a lot of compliments from tourists.

4. Shiraae 白和え

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Shiraae is a salad dish of boiled vegetables mixed with mashed tofu. Similar to Shiraae, Gomaae is also a dish of boiled vegetables but mixed with black or white sesame seeds. Both shiraae and gomaae are often dressed with white vinegar, miso, mirin and soy sauce.

5. Okura no aemono オクラの和物

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Okura no aemono is easy to make. Just cut okura and add dried bonito and soy sauce. Easy, tasty, and low-cost dish is here.
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