Updated: February 20, 2017
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8 Response Phrases Japanese Girls Often Use

You might feel Japanese girls give responses too many times. However it is kind of important role for them to show their sympathy and consideration or have conversation smoothly. Let's look at several phrases Japanese girls often use.

1. Un Un うん、うん

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Japanese girls often are saying "Un un うん、うん" when others are talking. Sometimes people have different culture get annoyed this response. But they are trying to show how serious they are listening to you.

2. Wakaru わかる〜

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"Wakaru- わかる〜" means "I know~". Japanese girls are the person who need other's sympathy. Therefore when they hear "Wakaru", they feel at ease. Because they feel they are not alone.

3. Eh Uso~ えー、うそ〜

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Japanese girls sometimes react exaggeratedly. This phrase means "Oh really!?"

4. Yada やだ〜

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It literally means "No" but the nuance of "Yada-"used by Japanese girls is little different. They use like this;
「Yada-!You're awesome! 」(やだー!すごいじゃん!)
I think it's kind of an interjection.

5. Majide まじで?

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Majide マジで? means "Are you kidding me?", "No kidding". It can be used as serious way and trifling talk.

6. Sugoi すごーい

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Japanese girls are good at praising someone. People use this phrase as "amazing" or "awesome". Japanese girls use like this;
「Sugo-i! You're smart!」(すごーい!頭良い)
「You passed the exam? Sugoine!」(あの試験に受かったの?すごいね!)

7.Ukeru ウケる

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Ukeru ウケる means "That's funny". But sometimes they use this phrase without laughing, it's kind of eerie.

8. Arienai ありえない

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They say "Ariena ありえない" as "No way".
A: 「Oh my god! All of Data in my laptop have been deleted!」(なんてこった!パソコンのデータが全部消えちゃった!)
B:「Arienai! How can we handle this!?」(ありえない!どうにかしなくちゃ!)

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