Updated: February 29, 2016
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The Another Landscapes Of Biei, Hokakido

The spectacular landscape of Biei will attract even the eyes of the toughest tourists.

Beautiful Town, Biei 美瑛

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As we introduced about the beautiful lake of Biei, this town is a very beautiful sight-seeing spot for nature lovers!

The best place to feel nature

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It is filled with greenery and mountains, so it’ll be a calming experience for anyone who wants to relax. The town of Biei is located in Hokkaido. If you travel there, you also have opportunities to see some farming and agricultural activities there!

You can see a lot of roll of haystacks

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There are many places in Biei that do farming such as collecting haystacks. They are then transported to all other places in Japan as food for livestocks and other purposes. The sceneries there are very popular and are widely used as backdrops for television commercials. This shows how beautiful Biei can be!!

Amazing experience if you live in urban area

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It will definitely be an amazing experience if you have spent your life in the city. Come and travel to Biei one day and enjoy the simplicity of life as close as you can to nature!!
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