Updated: June 29, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Kagawa, Japan

Kagawa is know as "Udon prefecture". But not only Udon, but there are many things to enjoy this beautiful prefecture.

1) Shop at Kitahama Alley

Kitahama alley02s3200 https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%8C%97%E6%B5%9Calley
A mere 10-minute walk from Takamatsu Station, Kitahama Alley will tug at your heart strings and pull your purse strings with its funky enclave of shops, cafes and craft workspaces. Just be in the moment and indulge in retail therapy!

2) Tuck into sanuki udon

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Affectionately known as the "Udon Prefecture", Kagawa satisfies your tummy with its signature sanuki udon. Their firm, chewy texture is a culinary experience not to be missed!

3) Visit the Shikoku Mura

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Want to see traditional Japanese buildings and exercise at the same time? Now you can do so at Shikoku Mura. Walk up the mountainside and discover lovely houses relocated around Shikoku. Highlights include fishermen's huts, sugar mills and even a kabuki theatre!

4) Stroll at Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ritsurin_Garden
Immerse yourself in the scenic Ritsurin Garden and take in the pine trees and carp-filled lakes. Then take a break at Kikugetsu-tei teahouse and imagine how samurai used to be inspired by this garden to compose haiku. Bound to rejuvenate your soul.

5) Explore Naoshima Island

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A ferry ride away from Kagawa, Naoshima is a treasure trove of attractions: award-winning art museums, lush greenery and even a public bath that is tastefully decorated with quirky artworks. Have fun exploring your artistic side here!
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