Updated: July 28, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Miyazaki, Japan

Miyazaki prefecture is a wonderful place for tasty cuisine as well as spectacular sightseeing! Miyazaki promises one a lovely vacation. Add mythical cities like Takachiho and Kirishima to the mix, and you are sure to gain lots of fun and positive vibes! Here are 5 things you should do there.

1) Row at Takachiho Gorge

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Takachiho Gorge 高千穂渓 is full of mind-blowing, magnificent cliffs that will fill your eyes with joy. Don't miss the chance to row down the river so that you can look up and feel the full impact of the powerfully gushing Manai Falls.

2) Enjoy surfing at Aoshima

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Feel the sunshine energizing you and the waves uplifting you as you surf the sapphire blue seas at Aoshima. Even at low tides, its beaches remain alluring as the "Devil's Washboard" - rows of strange rock formations - reveals its charm unabashedly.

3) Tuck into chicken nanban

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Miyazaki people love chicken, so grab the chance to savor their signature delicacy - chicken nanban. A chicken dish fried in oil, dipped in sugared vinegar and doused with tartar sauce, it will delight your taste buds with its smorgasbord of flavors!

4) Go to "Easter Island"

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Yes, you read that right. Sunmesse Nichinan has true-to-life replicas of Moai stone statues that are found on Easter Island. Climbing up a hill and seeing how these statues add vibrancy to the picturesque skyline should give you a tranquil feeling that you can't find elsewhere in Japan!

5) Indulge in Miyazaki Wagyu

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Miyazaki Wagyu is renowned all over the world for its tender texture and succulent taste. And no wonder! The cattle are painstakingly raised on premium-quality wheat and corn. Be sure to try it for a taste of heaven on earth!
Japanese food!!!!

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