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Drift Ice In Hokkaido - Here Is How To Have Fun In Shiretoko [PR]

If you want to fully enjoy the great nature of Japan, there are many places to visit. Among them, we recommend Shiretoko 知床 area in Hokkaido. You can enjoy this beautiful drift ice.

Drifting Ice is a popular activity

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Viewing the drift ice from aboard an icebreaker cruise in Abashiri and Monbetsu, is no longer a rare winter activity!

Walking on the drift ice is the hottest one

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The hottest activity now is to actually walk on the icebergs!!
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Every year between late January and late March, visitors can experience walking on the drift ice in Utoro, on the west side of the Shiretoko Peninsula. Walkers will be given a dry suit that covers shoes as well, so that if you do get into the sea water, your body will not get wet or cold. This way the drift ice in its natural glory can be seen up close.

Eagle Watching

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If you are interested in diving deeper into the Shiretoko experience, we recommend eagle-watching, an activity that Japanese are recently really into! You must come to Shiretoko if you want to see the White-tailed sea eagles that migrate from Siberia to rest on the drift ice during the winter!

Waking Along The Shiretoko Five Lakes

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If you plan on visiting Shiretoko during the summer the best recommendation is to take a walk on the trail that takes you to all five of the Shiretoko Five Lakes.
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Four of the five lakes are not accessible unless you go through a quick briefing from the nature guide.

Chills and thrills are 100%!!

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The Shiretoko Five Lakes area is also home to the Ezo brown bears, 500 of which are known to maintain a permanent residence in the area!
The huge claw marks of the bears can be seen on the trees! Chills and thrills are 100% guaranteed!

More Information

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