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A Different Winter Outdoor Experience Awaits You In Rausu [PR]

You have lots of choices of outdoor experience in Hokkaido. Rausu 羅臼 in Hokkaido offers unique one you can not experience other places. Let us introduce them!

Drift Ice Diving

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Those of you who have a diving license definitely don't want to miss the chance to dive underneath the drift ice in Shiretoko. Through this activity allows you to experience winter in Hokkaido on a whole different level.
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You will not only see the drift ice as you do from the icebreaker, but you can actually experience the changing drift ice with your whole being, not to mention see wild animals such as harbor seals and sea lions

Dolphin and Whale Watching

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Another option is to board the cruise ship and go whale and dolphin-watching on the seas of Shiretoko-Rausu.
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Whale sightings are not 100% guaranteed, but the captain who knows the area like the back of his hand will show you to all the points where they are likely to be seen.

Watching The Kunashiri island 国後島

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On a clear day you can see Kunashiri Island 国後島 in the distance. Why not go on an exciting search for wild animals during the summer?

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