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Yakumo Onsen: Secluded Hot Springs In Hokkaido [PR]

Yakumo is a city in Hokkaido which has several hot springs. Although Yakumo isn't so famous for tourists, everybody went there says it's an amazing experience to visit the onsen in Yakumo.

Ginkon-yu / 銀婚湯

There is a ryokan(Japanese traditional inn) called Ginkon-yu in Yakumo, which has a history of 80 years and is a member of the Japan Secluded Hot Spring Preservation Association.
The hot spring in the ryokan is not well known even in Hokkaido. Those secluded onsen are called "hito" in Japanese, and Japanese people value the little-known onsen.

What is most special about Ginkon-yu is the two outdoor onsen, which are used by one guest or party of guests at a time. If one person or party is in one, then the other bath is used by another guest.
Soaking in a hot spring outdoors with snow surrounding you, is most definitely one of the most special aspects and treat of winter travel in Hokkaido. If you like hot springs, you should try the secluded hot springs at Ginkon-yu.

Wooden bear

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Let me share a small piece of trivia about Yakumo with you. Have you seen a carved wooden bear holding a salmon in its mouth like the picture? It's a really popular souvenir of Hokkaido, and Yakumo is the place that carving of wooden bears began. Be sure to get your carved bear with a salmon for a souvenir when you visit Yakumo.
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There’s a museum of the wooden bear in Yakumo. Want to visit?
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