Updated: March 09, 2016
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3 Great Japanese Gardens Where You Can Appreciate The Seasons

Japanese gardens are simply too beautiful to miss in one's travel.

Three Great Japanese Gardens

Traditional Japanese gardens are tranquil, serene, and beautiful. When it comes to the greatest three gardens, Kenrokuen in Kanazawa, Kourakuen in Okayama, and Kairakuen in Ibaraki are the most famous gardens in Japan. Each has a feature such as beauty of snow, moon, and flower.

1. Kenrokuen / 兼六園 in Ishikawa

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At the garden, there is a stone lantern designed in the Japanese harp or Koto by the pond, which is the symbol of the garden. It is beautiful to visit it in any season, but in Kanazawa, it snows a lot, so the best season to visit may be winter.
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2. Kourakuen / 後楽園 in Okayama

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The garden was designed as a scenic promenade style, which allows the visitor to enjoy a new view at each turn with features like tea houses, lawn, ponds, hills or water streams.

3. Kairakuen / 偕楽園 in Ibaraki

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There are over 3000 plum trees planted in this garden. From the late February to early March, the garden’s blossoms beautifully bloom.
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