Updated: February 15, 2017
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Indigo Dyeing, Traditional Japan Blue

Japanese blue is not the same to other blues.

Indigo Dyeing, Traditional Japan Blue

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Blue is blue everywhere you go in the world, you may think. The answer is yes and no. Japan has its own original traditional colors, which are somewhat different from those of the western. The best example is Japan blue or Ai. The deep blue can be translated as indigo because of the similarity to the color.
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Aizome is a Japanese word for indigo dyeing which is a traditional technique of plant dyeing in Japan. The process is a mysterious, unique, yet complicated and long process. Indigo leaves are dried and fermented to make “Sukumo” which contain dyeing materials. Other than sukumo, fusuma, sake, lime, and hardwood ash are used for the process. Without using any chemical component, natural dyeing process is treasured as a traditional method.
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You may find aizome products like clothes including kimono, neckties, tapestries, and coasters in Japan and it can be one of the best souvenir items.
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Japanese food!!!!

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