Updated: April 23, 2016
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Marine Resort, Nanki Shirahama

Nanki Shirahama is where seasons blend with scenery to produce a beautiful town of sunshine.

Located in the southwestern part of Wakayama Prefecture

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Nanki Shirahama is located in the southwestern part of Wakayama Prefecture where there is beautiful sunshine sparkling. The town is also known as one of the finest marine resorts in Japan. A blue ocean with a gentle sea breeze and shiny sunshine lets visitors relax from the bottom of their hearts.
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In spring, cherry blossoms bloom beautifully. In summer, a full mixture of energy and passion fills in the air. In autumn, the ocean turns its color to orange with the beautiful sunset. In winter, you can relax at onsen spa where hot steam is rising from the open-air baths. In this sunshine town, seasons are well balanced with splendid scenery and amusements.
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The main attraction in Nanki Shirahama...

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The main attraction there in Nanki Shirahama is the white beach. Shirahama means white beach (白浜) in Japanese, so it describes the town very well as the name suggests. You can enjoy hot springs, sports, other outdoor activities, and delicious seafood there in the beautiful town. Shirahama onsen has a long history and is known as one of the oldest onsen resorts in Japan. With the beautiful scenery, bathing in the open-air bath must be quite refreshing!
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