Updated: February 26, 2016
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The Healthest Japanese Food? Nutritious Tofu Skin, Yuba 湯葉

Yuba is a common ingredient of Japanese cuisine which is amazingly healthy and nutritious.

What is Yuba 湯葉?

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Have you ever tried Yuba or Tofu skin before? It is a common ingredient of Japanese cuisine. During the boiling of soy milk, there is a thin film covered on the liquid surface, and that is it. Not only in Japan but also in Taiwan and China, Tofu skin is used in their original cuisines.

What does it taste like?

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Yuba doesn’t have any taste just as Tofu doesn't have taste itself, but the texture is smooth yet slightly chewy.

Used for vegetalian cuisine

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And it is used in many vegetarian cuisines like Shojin ryouri (精進料理) or a special meal for Buddhist monks.

Healthy and nutritious

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It is also used as meat alternatives, so it is healthy and nutritious. Some scientific data show Yuba is healthier and more nutritious than Tofu.

What can we get it?

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Where can you eat Yuba in Japan? Mostly, Kyoto and shiga, or Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture are known as famous places that produce Yuba. It is not found all over Japan, but you may find Yuba at places like temples or restaurants which serve traditional Japanese cuisine.
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