Updated: March 09, 2016
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3 Funny Ways Japanese Kids Play

Japanese people have their unique ways to have fun too.

3 Funny Ways Japanese Kids Play

The Japanese educational system is well known for producing stellar results, so one may think that Japanese students only study hard. Nothing can be further from the truth! Here are 3 funny things Japanese kids do to have fun.
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1) Play Janken

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Janken, the Japanese version of "Rock, Scissors, Paper" may seem like a childish game, but Japanese kids never really grow out of it. They use it as the ultimate decision-making tool for all kinds of situations ranging from who gets the last packet of milk during lunch to games played during recess time. Playing "janken pon" is a quick way to decide your fate!

2) Play Kancho

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Have you ever been poked in the butt before? Sounds like something impossible? Well, Japanese kids like to clasp their hands together in the shape of a gun and then poke unsuspecting adults in the butt, shouting "Kancho!" as their victory cry. So stay vigilant and watch out for small children playing kancho when you're in Japan!

3) Play Jump Rope

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Japanese schools focus on collaboration, and even their games strive to impact this value. Have you seen a class of forty students standing like canned sardines and trying their best to synchronise their jumping? Class-based jump rope competitions are the rage, and many children risk the indignity of looking uncoordinated to train hard to win these contests.
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