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You Eat WHAT On Your Pizza?

The famous pizza can even be more perfect under the sophisticated hands of Japanese people.

You Eat WHAT On Your Pizza?

Pizza is popular all over the world, there is no doubt about it. This fact can be a great comfort to many world travelers, because it's always nice to know that no matter where you are, you can usually always find somewhere to grab a pizza, and if you're travelling in Japan, this is certainly no exception. Besides all of the smaller Japanese-owned establishments, the Western traveler in Japan can usually always rely on there being a familiar chain-style pizza restaurant, like Pizza Hut or Dominoes, ready to serve them (or even deliver to their doors). In fact, more popular than either of these two, Japan has its own successful pizza franchise, called Pizza-La.

But what is pizza like in Japan? Of course, if it's familiarity and comfort you want, you can always order something you're used to – Margherita, Italian basil, or Hawaiian style are served in almost every pizza place. And like many people are surprised to find when they visit Italy, Margherita pizza topped with French fries is pretty common (and kind of normal) in Japan, as well. But why stop there? Why not splash out on a pizza you'll only find in Japan?
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Japanese-way Pizzas

To give you some inspiration, here are a few of the pizzas you can try that are peculiarly Japanese. And while they may seem strange to your idea of what makes a pizza, they are surprisingly delicious:

1) Teriyaki Chicken (Pizza Hut or Pizza-La) So far, this seems kind of normal, doesn't it? This is a popular pizza that's topped with teriyaki chicken, sweetcorn, onions and cheese, with shredded seaweed sprinkled on top. Where it might start to get weird (if it hasn't already), is that it's got mayonnaise instead of tomato sauce. Please get used to it – mayonnaise features prominently in many, many Japanese pizzas.
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2) Sausage and Thickly-sliced Bacon Meat Sauce (Served at Pizza-La). The Meat is strong with this one! Not for vegetarians or the faint of heart, this almost-traditional style pizza boasts a bed of meat sauce topped with cheese, onions, thick bacon, diced tomatoes, black pepper and parsley. And if that were not enough, there are a whole lot of mini sausages baked on for good measure! Pizza Hut Japan offers a similar option.
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3) Cheese and Honey (Served at Pizza-La). Instead of tomato sauce, why not add honey! This pizza has a sophisticated blend of cheeses, including gorgonzola, parmesan and cream cheese, offset by tart cherry tomatoes and parsley. Then, to bring out the sweetness of all that cheese.... honey is drizzled on top!!!

4) Mayo Potato (Dominoes option). It's all about the mayo in a lot of Japanese pizza options, and this one's no exception. This one features potato, sausage and sweetcorn nestled into a mayonaise sauce.
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5) Avocado Shrimp (Dominoes option). This pizza offers a combination of pancetta (Italian ham) and shrimp over a mayonnaise sauce base, decorated with an avocado-based guacamole style sauce.

6) Scallop Butter Soy Sauce Pizza (Pizza-La) You would expect to find seafood as a prominent option in topping pizzas in Japan, wouldn't you? Well, this seafood pizza features soy sauce-marinated scallops, clams, and shrimp in a deluxe butter sauce, nestled into... you guessed it, mayonnaise! And don't forget to take the clams out of the shells!

7) Kani-mayo kingu (カニマヨキング), that is to say, Crab-mayonnaise salad King! Again, instead of tomato, this one features a king crab salad nestled in lots of fluffy Japanese mayo goodness. It is a popular mainstay in almost any restaurant that serves pizza in Japan.

8) Sweet & Sour Chicken with tartar sauce. Just in case you're looking to change up your mayo for something with a little more kick, Pizza-La can offer you a pizza that features sweet and sour chicken with green onions and cheese, offset with a topping of piped-on tartar sauce! There's still mayo on the base, though.
0005274 www.pizza-la.co.jp
Whether you're visiting Japan, or just looking for some inspiring new ways to enjoy pizza (after all, many pizza restaurants around the world are more than happy to let you request your own toppings), hopefully these Japanese pizzas will inspire you to re-think your next pizza. Although they may seem strange to people outside of Japan, they are really very good. But you'll never know it until you try them!
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