Updated: February 04, 2017
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There Is No Better Way To Eat Japanese Food With Cool Chopsticks

A collection of “Cool and Creative Chopsticks” from Japan, the 4 coolest chopsticks we list up below are so entertaining. Enjoy Japanese food with these chopsticks!

#1 Samurai Chopsticks

Samurai sword chopsticks http://www.geekalerts.com/
This is the best way to eat Japanese food!

These chopstick looks like Japanese katanas.
Eat samurai sword chopsticks http://www.geekalerts.com/
If you can't use Japanese chopsticks well, you should practice for these ones. You will be able to have the mind of a Samurai!

#2 Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks

18mnedrbne96ejpg http://gizmodo.com/
This pair of chopsticks are from Japanese Cartoon "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
Xkotogz146 a http://www.raccoongames.es/en
Check out the top of the chopsticks… You can see the plug the pilots use to board their awesome robots. This figure is good for all EVA fans!

#3 Bijin Ukiyoe Chopsticks

3p 9205b4f5 aa7f 4ca5 bd26 e17c93264b3e 1024x1024 https://goo.gl/BggMlQ
How beautiful is the chopsticks? The design is inspired by the Japanese “Bijinga” painting.
Kaen elegance 010782 11 09 2010 10782 x800 http://www.ohmigallery.com/DB/ItemDetail.asp?item=10782

"Bijin-ga (美人画 bijin-ga?, lit. "beautiful person picture") is a generic term for pictures of beautiful women in Japanese art, especially in woodblock printing of the ukiyo-e genre, which predate photography. "


#4 Bullet Train Chopsticks

Nc20100908rma http://www.japantimes.co.jp/
This pair of chopsticks are inspired from Japanese bullet train "Shinkansen"! Looks like really fast!
Hashi tetsu shinkansen chopsticks http://www.japantrendshop.com/index.php
There are some models here.

The classic and N700, yellow 922, etc. They're so unique, cool and fun!
These chopsticks are not only nice to use for oneself but also makes nice presents to your friends. Enjoy Japanese food with these cool chopsticks!

I am a Japanese student. I love Anime!

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