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Slip Back In Time To Edo Period At Esashi! [PR]

Have you ever traveled to Hokkaido? Even if you have, it would likely be big cities like Sapporo and Hakodate. However, the best part of Hokkaido trip is the great nature and old historical towns!

Esashi - A Pilgrimage Down an Ancient Road -

Esashi is a small port town located in the southern area of Hokkaido with only 8500 people. It is one of the earliest town in Hokkaido to be pioneered in 16th century by Japanese (Hokkaido wasn't part of Japan back then).
Esashi flourished with herring fishing which once was said to be busier than Edo in May.

The town finished the maintenance for the Ancient Road (いにしえ街道), that still keeps unique atmosphere of Edo period. Old buildings, such as Esashi Yokoyama and Former Nakamura residences, are now repaired and telephone poles are underground which gives one the illusion of slipping back into the Edo period.

Visiting Esashi would be a good destination if you're interested in Old Japan!

Ubagami Daijingu 姥神大神宮

This shrine covered with snow is Ubagami Daijingu, the oldest shrine in Hokkaido, which is said to be built in 1447.

Ubagami means the god of old lady. The reason why this shrine is called Ubagami is due to the 'Herring legend' of Esahi.

Check the link below if you're curious!

Togyosai Festival 渡御祭

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You can't miss Ubagami Daijingu Togyosai Festival if you're visiting this town in August!
This festival is one of the oldest festival in Hokkaido, which has history of over 370 years.
There are two meanings to this festival; welcoming the visiting god and to thank the gods for fish catches.

13 gorgeously decorated floats, which symbolize gods and historical people, will go around Esashi during 9-11th August.
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