Updated: September 28, 2015
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4 Beautiful Aquariums You Actually Have To Go In Japan

Today we are super excited to introduce about Aquarium in Japan! Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea. If you like aquarium, you should check them! >>> http://wasa-bi.com/topics/221

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

A00 http://oki-churaumi.jp/en/
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is the most popular aquarium in Japan. It was the first time in the world this aquarium has succeeded in whale shark multiple breeding.
Au01 1 http://oki-churaumi.jp/en/
You can see Okinawa's wealth of nature, history and culture! You can enjoy not only display but also a dolphin show.
Ada01 3 http://oki-churaumi.jp/en/

Aquamarine Fukushima

55image1 http://www.marine.fks.ed.jp/english
Aquamarine Fukushima is in Fukushima, Japan. The aquarium is made of glass panels, it has received in plenty of sunshine.
Fukushima04 http://www.web-aquarium.net
You can enjoy a lot of exhibitions such as Japanese ocean, tropical Asia and rivers of Fukushima.

Sumida Aquarium

Img01 http://www.sumida-aquarium.com/en/
Sumida aquarium opened in Tokyo-Skytree in 2012. This aquarium was succeeded in artificial seawater production system that uses artificial seawater for all tanks except freshwater tanks!
Img01 http://www.sumida-aquarium.com/en/
In Japan the largest indoor aquarium, you can see the penguins and fur seals.
Img05 http://www.sumida-aquarium.com/en/

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

11893914 943147315728663 7664338170633840973 o https://www.facebook.com/kaiyukan
This is one of the largest aquariums in the world! Osaka aquarium KAIYUKAN is in Osaka, Japan.
11856462 942718562438205 7581678786447854265 o https://www.facebook.com/kaiyukan

The KAIYUKAN exhibits not only fish; a wide variety of marine life including amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals as well as marine invertebrates and plants can also be observed in the aquarium. By exhibiting some 30,000 marine creatures representing 620 species, the KAIYUKAN recreates the beautiful and diverse natural environments found around the Pacific Rim region.

11816222 938924496150945 667344988896110834 o https://www.facebook.com/kaiyukan
I am a Japanese student. I love Anime!

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