Updated: April 25, 2016
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5 Traditional Things Japanese People Do In March

Japanese people all enjoy March, as it is when lots of events and festivals are held.

5 Traditional Things Japanese People Do In March

As you know Japan is a country of culture and tradition. Every month Japanese people celebrate something that they have or had. March is the month when spring begins in most regions in Japan (except Hokkaido where it still snows and is cold) and because of this change of the season, March is a month full of celebration.

1. Hanami party

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March is the month when cherry blossoms bloom and traditionally Japanese people say “Dead bodies are buried under the sakura!” (cherry blossoms are known as sakura in Japan). Hanami can be translated as “flower viewing” and that’s what people do in this party all over the country. In hanami people stay together under the trees on blue plastic mats eating, playing and contemplating the beauty of the flowers; this blue mat is what marks the spot of each group, is laced before the event starts and is treated with the same respect as the floor of their home. During this party usually there is music, lots of drinks, food and fun.

2.Hina Matsuri

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On March 3rd we have Hina Matsuri.
Hina matsuri (Girls’ day) is a day when traditionally Japanese people wish for good health and happiness for the girls. The celebrations and parties done on this date are normally private and indoors. For little girls in Japan this is the most important party next to their anniversary.
On this day the biggest and most impressive event is Katsuura Hina Matsuri where thousands of traditional dolls are displayed on the long staircase of Tomisaki Shrine.

3.Omizutori Festival

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Omizutori Festival in Nara is an annual Buddhist festival that celebrates and welcomes the spring and is held in the first two weeks of March.
On each day of this festival giant torches are lighten on a building aged approximately 1200 years and made of wood. It’s awesome and impressive.

4.White Day

On March 14th we have White Day.
Traditionally on February 14th (Valentine’s Day in Europe and US) the Japanese women buy chocolates to give their men. The White Day is when men give them something back. The idea is that men should give women something with more value that what they give them on February 14th.
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5.Sumo Spring Basho in Osaka

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Finally we can talk about Sumo Spring Basho in Osaka.
Sumo as we all know is a traditional sport in Japan. This Sumo Spring Basho is one of the six annual Grand Tournaments of Sumo. In this event you can see the best wrestlers in Japan.

There are more parties and events!!

These five traditional events that are held in Japan in March are just small examples from what you can see or do in this month. There are more parties and events and they are enjoyed just in one month. Just imagine the rest of the year! You must visit Japan then.
Japanese food!!!!

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