Updated: May 20, 2017
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A 3-Pronged Attack In How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded America

Japanese pop culture is entertainment that is wacky, offbeat and even psychedelic. Hence, it is well received in America, a society that values individuality and innovation. Here are 3 ways in which America has taken to Japanese pop culture.

1. Anime

Japanese anime like Naruto and Pokemon are so popular that many Americans watch subtitled episodes of these anime series. Some series have even influenced Hollywood films.
Dragonball's inventive fight scenes are adapted by films ranging from The Matrix to Heroes; Paprika is said to have inspired Christopher Nolan's Inception.

2. Video games

American gamers have long been captivated by Japanese addictive video games. From Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon released by Nintendo to Final Fantasy and Resident Evil produced by Sony PlayStation, many games became breakout hits in America. With the PlayStation VR game due for release in the U.S. which promises a virtual immersive experience, this will create more waves among gamers!

3. Pop idols

Trust Japan to lead the way when it comes to music innovation. Virtual pop stars are blazing hot in popularity, not just in Japan but in America. Hatsune Miku, Japan’s most famous virtual idol is so influential that she has collaborated with leading American musicians like Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams!

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