Updated: October 19, 2016
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5 Things To Do In Saga, Japan

As the smallest prefecture in Kyushu Island, Saga offers travelers a respite from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities in Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kumamoto. Here are 5 ways to take it easy in Saga.

1) Savor squids

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Eat fresh squids while they are still alive in Yobuko City. Savor the natural goodness as the squid melts in your mouth and offers a delightful chewing sensation.

2) Join the International Balloon Fiesta

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Every November, locals and foreigners alike gather at Kasegawa Riverside to see more than 100 colorful and vibrant hot-air balloons. The venue turns into a lively spectacle, with throngs of people crowding around the stalls to buy food and souvenirs!

3) Visit Arita Town

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Arita Town is a town steeped in traditional craftsmanship as it boasts 400 years of porcelain production. You will have fun soaking up the retro atmosphere as you come across authentic pottery kilns and traditional townhouses!

4) View the Karatsu Kunchi Festival

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Lasting three days from November 2nd to 4th, this festival involves local residents pulling five-metre-tall Hikiyama floats that are painstakingly made up of 200 pieces of washi paper lacquered with gold and silver leaves. Featuring lions, dragons and sea breams, these floats are truly a sight to behold!

5) Visit the Yoshinogari Historical Park

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Keen to learn about one of the earliest forms of state governance in Japan? Make your way to the Yoshinogari Historical Park where you can experience a taste of life in the Yayoi Period (300 BC to 300 AD) by entering structures like pit dwellings, elevated stone houses and many more.
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