Updated: May 20, 2017
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Symbolic Tower Of Tokyo "Tokyo Tower"

An elegant tower with structural beauty is one of the symbolic tower of Tokyo. Even now that has ended its role as a communications and observation tower, the fact remains that it is a landmark in Tokyo.


This tower is located in Shibakoen district of Minato-ku in Japan.
It is Tokyo Tower!
Its main function is to broadcast radio and communication signals.
However, it is also an observation deck that gives tourist a different kind of feeling watching the city in the sky!
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Wonderful View

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Its architecture is stunning to view.
One can stare at the pictures of Tokyo Tower for hours, admiring every single specialty of it that makes it the second tallest structure in Japan.
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Visit it!

The real tower is much better and more dazzling than the pictures! If you have ever been there, you’ll be amazed by the amount of tourists that visit Tokyo Tower! It also has lights that would shine the whole tower throughout the night, forming a bright light tower, which makes it even more beautiful than ever. Tokyo Tower is popular as a symbol of Tokyo. Do visit Tokyo Tower if you ever have a chance to visit Japan!
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