Updated: April 05, 2017
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Benefits Form Umeboshi That Is Essential For Washoku

Umeboshi is very common is Japanese dishes. Its benefits are numerous.

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If you love Umeboshi, or known as “pickled plum”, or “dried plum” in Japanese, let’s know more about their health benefits.

7 Benefits From Umeboshi

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1. Its powerful acidity has a paradoxical alkalinizing effect on the body.
2. It can neutralize fatigue.
3. It can stimulate the digestion.
4. It can promote the elimination of toxin.
5. It can cure hangover for mornings after.
6. It is regarded as one of the best preventive medicines.
7. It can prevent and cure certain diseases.

Even Such An Effect!

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Umeboshi is known to have antibacterial action.
It is a standard filling of lunch boxes and rice balls.
Since long ago in Japan, rice balls and lunch boxes often contain plums. It may be wisdom of living of older generation.

The Secret Of Japanese Longevity?

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In this way, Umeboshi is a healthy food. Well, those are some benefits from eating umeboshi.
No wonder that Japanese people have the longest life span in the world. Besides, they love to eat fish; they love to eat some healthy foods like umeboshi, okra, raw fish, and etc.
Japanese food!!!!

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