Updated: February 19, 2017
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Beautiful Winter Festival In Japan: Akita Kamakura Matsuri

One of the wonderful festivals held every year in Akita prefecture of Japan.

Akita Kamakura Festival

Tourists enjoy celebrating different and unique festivals. These festivals has to be distinctive in the way of entertaining people. Akita Kamakura Festival is a right path as it produces such amazing and unforgettable moments.
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If you adore the igloo-like house called Kamakura, which are built at several places in the city, or you like chasing children wearing scary masks as a type of entertainment, then the right choice is this marvelous festival.
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The history of this festival goes back to 400 years ago where it was meant to be as a festival for hospitality. It is held on February 15 and 16 every year in Yokote city, in southeastern Akita prefecture, Japan.
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