Updated: May 11, 2017
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The Largest Wooden Building In Japan : Odate Jukai Dome

Not only a stadium, this building is a spectacular architecture created with cutting-edged techniques. It is the largest wooden building in Japan.

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Odate Jukai Dome is a stadium with a wooden ceiling. It is considered one of the largest in the whole world. They finished building this splendid stadium in 1997 with timber from more than 25,000 Akita cedars, which is covered by Teflon-coated layers made from translucent fluorethylene resin-coated fiberglass.
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The roof of the dome is made up with age over 60 years and made in an arch shape. It is the largest wooden building in Japan, exceeding the Todaiji Great Buddha statue in height and area.
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This technique allows the sun to get through the stadium during the day. The dome situated in the north of Japan. The area is known for its wind and heavy raining so the dome is designed to resist the harsh wind and snowfall. In addition, there is also warm air circulation in the Teflon-coated layers for preventing the snow from accumulating. If you want to enjoy watching baseball games, you have to get ready and go there immediately.
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