Updated: April 18, 2017
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5 Saving Money Tips While Eating In Japan

Eating in Japan is not really that expensive if you are able to grasp these tips for saving while still enjoying the foods to the utmost.

Cheap, Fast And Delicious!

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Dinner or lunch at Japanese fast food restaurants. If you care about your health as much as your pocket, enjoy dinner or lunch in Japanese fast food restaurants. Fancy yourself indulging in tasty, native food without risking increasing your cholesterol or engrossing your waist. Miso soup, variety of meats and fishes, dumplings and tea are a great way to stay plentiful of energy after a long tour day.


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Udon and soba (variety of noodles) are optimum choices for a good lunch or dinner. There are plenty of sites that will offer cheap udon and soba plates, and the best known are mainly chain restaurants. You can ask locals about the best udon and soba places.
There are also cheap ramen chain restaurants.

Take-Out Foods

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Grab-and-go meals are good options to save every cent. From many grocery stores and some sushi restaurants you can opt to try some dishes at very low prices without sacrificing quality.
Also, there are food floor in the basement of department stores, and various shops are offering bento and selling by weight. And supermarkets is selling cheaper take-out foods than department stores.


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Give a local morning market a try. Here you can buy fresh food, fruit and veggies, without paying excessive prices.

Street Foods

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If you can't find a morning market, sample the street food instead. Street food is typical all over Asia but especially acquires high standards of quality in Japan. You won't regret tasting some local delicacy, like takoyaki, okonomiyaki (pancakes) or yaki imo (baked potatoes).
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