Updated: April 18, 2017
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The Artistic Gassho-style House

Not only a place for living, these houses have managed to reach the sense of arts.

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It is one of the architectural forms of Japan, characterized by a steep slope (45 - 60 degrees) roof. It is thought that a steep slope was attached in consideration of work reduction and drainage of the snow rush.
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The artistic Gassho-style houses are a group of architectural famous farmhouses situated in the mountainous villages that have unique and universal touch and values. The features of these houses lie in their rarity and uncommonness because they are clustered around each other in the small and hilly villages.
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They also have bigger, larger and taller steeply-sloped thatched gable roofs than the other farmhouses in the styles of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. These two areas are outstanding examples of these traditional houses. The three villages of Ogimachi in Gifu Prefecture, Ainokura and Suganuma in Toyama Prefecture were registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1995.
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The Gassho-style house of Shirakawa is built facing north and south. This is considered to minimize the resistance of the wind and to have sunshine evenly on the roof. It is cool in the summer, and it is intended to keep warm in the winter.
And also the effect of protecting silkworms from summer heat. In the past, sericulture was actively carried out utilizing the attic.
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Shirakawa-go and Gokayama area is known as one of the leading heavy snowfall areas in Japan. These villages are exceptional beauty in the winter, but please be careful not to freeze in the cold when sightseeing.
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